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Combi Boilers

Combination boilers, otherwise known as combi boilers, are utilized to supply the household with both heat and hot water. These special types of boilers are gaining popularity in many homes because they are efficient and take up little space. Usually small and compact, these boilers can be placed in discreet areas on the kitchen or bathroom wall. Combi boilers are energy-saving because they do not store water, and they heat only the amount that is needed for tasks such as cooking and bathing.

It is quite a breeze to install a combi boiler. This is because you will not have to deal with any tank or additional pipe and hot water cylinder installment jobs. Instead, the simple method of heating starts with the unvented boiler, and an additional heating process for producing hot water in an instant. The combi boiler has to be directly attached to the main water source of the household.

There is another feature of the combi boiler that makes it more efficient than the traditional boilers. The flue gas that is produced during the heating process is not completely lost with the combi boilert, since the gas is extracted for reuse. The old boiler models do not do this.

Unlike the conventional boiler systems which require complex installation, combi boiler systems are more convenient to install. There is no need for a tank dedicated for hot water since water is heated directly and produced almost instantly. One only has to link the combi boiler directly to the main water source and there will be an endless supply of hot water.

Advantages of Combi Boilers

One of the many features of combis is that they are small and compact. Because of this, they take up little space, and you will not have to worry about a cupboard or flood space area being taken up by bulkier boilers, additional pipework and water tanks. Water storage, though, may be a better option when your house has more than one bathroom.

The make of the combi boilers can vary from one another. The usual unit can provide hot water almost instantly. Other combi boilers, however, put a limit to the amount of water that they release until they are able to heat the water to a predetermined temperature. You might want to add a combi to your standard boiler so that you can still have your storage unit and keep hot water. Then again, hot water storage would not be really necessary. Usually, you end up storing an amount that is less than what would want to store using the standard boiler system.

When you use a combi boiler, you can be sure that you will save money and energy. A water heater is one of the biggest consumers of electricity in many household. Many times, the energy utilized by the water energy ends up wasted. Energy is spent in keeping the water in the tank hot even when you have no need for hot water at the moment. The combi system can help you save on energy by using a thermostat whenever there is a sudden rush of heated water at full flow.

Combi boilers can definitely save money and energy for the household and even the commercial establishments. It may even surprise you that you can eventually save money enough to buy yourself a combi boiler unit. You can check out a good number of retail outlets and online stores when you want to buy a combi boiler unit.

Disadvantages of Combi Boilers

Some will find that the combi boiler does not work for all household. Oftentimes, however, the advantages of using a combi boiler are definitely greater than the disadvantages. While majority of consumers find the combi boiler to their liking, there are two known complaints associated with its use. They are as follows:

The flow of hot water is generally affected with weather outside the house. This means that there is less flow when the weather is cold. This happens because the time it takes for water to be heated increases, owing to the cold temperature outside the house.

The second issue about combi boilers has to do with multiple simultaneous users. You may not be able to operate a dish washer while someone else in the house is taking a hot shower. Other than the two hitches mentioned, the combi boiler is a very convenient and efficient means of providing hot water for your house.

Installation Cost of Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are popular such that over 50% of the total number of new boilers installed in the households all over UK is the combi type. There must be a very good explanation for this. Combi boilers are efficient, energy-saving, easy to install, compact, and take up little space. These attractive features have made combi boilers more popular than the traditional types of boilers. Hence, when you are contemplating on buying a hot water boiler system or replacing your old one, the choice is apparently the combi boiler. When buying a boiler, do include the labor and other miscellaneous expenses in your cost computation.

A combi boiler is both a central heater and a water heating unit. This multi-purpose function makes a combi boiler economical both cost and in the amount of space that it consumes. You will not require the services of engineers and such to install a combi boiler unit. All it takes is just to hire a professional plumbing service that can install the unit for you effectively, conveniently, and at a minimum cost. This is in contrast to traditional boilers which demand more expertise in installation.

A Combi boiler should be properly and regularly maintained so that it will last you a long time. For this, you should see to it that the central heating services that you hire are CORGI registered. You can then be assured that you will receive a quick and efficient repair service. It is a must that you are being serviced by a highly qualified plumber to maximize your combi boiler to its full use.

Reading about the advantages of the Combi boiler over the traditional system, you might be tempted to think that these are incredible. Your initial reaction is understandable. The apparent benefit is the minimal cost required to install the unit. The other benefit is the quality of shower pressure that you can obtain. The Combi boiler attaches directly to the water source so you can get a strong shower without even needing a pump. With proper installation and maintenance, you will enjoy the benefits that you can derive from a Combi boiler unit.

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